Projekt FUE – Flowers Unit Europe "Kwiaty jednoczą Europę"

"Flowers Unit Europe" is a partnership project for Poland, Estonia, Portugal, France, Italy, Spain in the frame of Life Long Learning Programme sponsored by UE. The realization of the project is from 1 August 2009 till 31 July 2011. Polish Association” VESUVIO” from Rzeszów is the creator and coordinator of international project.

The idea of the project is to organise studies on local and European levels about flowers in nature (forests, fields, gardens, parks), in art and handicraft. Adult learners learn together with young participants and staff members history and culture of flowers in own and other European countries, to create art and handicraft works in own organisations and one common flower composition. There are thematic excursions and trips to the nature trails and botanic gardens. All partners will take photos and make video about studies, organise presentations and competitions in own and partners’ organisations to share knowledge and experiences.
The main ideas of the project are to create partnership between European organisations and involve adult learners into the international partnership project to improve their knowledge and skills, to learn about sustainable development, particularly the influence to the nature because of climate changes and polluting, to show opportunities of lifelong learning, to make new friends and partners for future cooperation.
In the project is involved about 120 adults learners, mostly seniors from participating countries.

The realization of the project includes many local and joint international activities such as: seminars, workshops, courses, thematic excursions and trips, participation in cultural activities eg. The Days of European Cultural Heritage in our region, working visits, evaluation meetings.
During the realization the descriptions of activities and photos will be placed on “Vesuvio” website.

One of the aspect of international collaboration is European Added Value:

  1. 1. Project will increase the knowledge about European culture and traditions among adult learners, staff and local community.
  2. Improve respect of cultural differences and view without prejudices.
  3. Increase awareness and understanding of other cultures and religions (especially of the participating countries), as a way to combat discrimination, marginalization, racism, homophobia and xenophobia.
  4. Support positive change in mind towards acceptation of different beliefs and lifestyle.
  5. Improve knowledge of universal values acquired by the help of art, handicraft etc.
  6. Enhancing adult learners and staff’ awareness of their own culture and their ability to pass this on collaborating countries.
  7. Increase the prestige of the partner’s organizations in the community and in the international arena, by embracing European dimension within the curriculum.
  8. Improve the didactic offer of the institutions.
  9. Increase motivation to study foreign languages among adult members of involved partners and staff.
  10. Improve communication through the use of ICT in different possible ways.


The role of the coordinator and partners in FUE project.

1. Stowarzyszenie “ Vesuvio” (Poland) - the creator and coordinator of the international FUE project

2. Logosvita (Estonia) - partner in the project

3. Centro Cultural e Desportivo de Sao José (Portugal) - partner in the project

4. Fondation Krüger (France) - partner in the project

5. Acli Campi Flegrei (Italy) – partner in the project

6. CEA Camp Rodo (Spain) – partner in the project


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